Monthly Archives: August 2012

Out with carbon pricing, in with funds management

The recent announcement by the government that Australia that Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM) will be linked to the Europe’s ETS, comparable to ours could not have come cialis 20 mg at a better time for business. But there is an earful of criticism of the government move. Some argue that this is like pulling the carpet from under carbon pricing and there is not even a steady floor to stand on. But it’s not all doom and gloom – see … Continue reading

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Freaking out on tax cuts

Crying over too many income tax cuts, rethinking company tax cuts and calling to reconsider super tax concession’ – a few of the signs of dithering in making up minds about tax cuts. And then comes the Business Tax Working Group unveiling a suite of options to support a 1 per cent company tax cut. This suggestion walks a tight rope between revenue neutrality in all tax changes and investment friendly business taxation . Undeniably, with little capital formation in Australia, investment … Continue reading

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Tax reform – Elusive outcomes?

The Business Tax Working Group’s Discussion Paper released last week highlights the difficulties stalking tax reform. Arriving at an optimal corporate tax rate has never being easy. There is even increasing order cialis online talk to put up the GST rate in exchange for a drop in the corporate tax rate. If the move to reduce the tax rate is to boost economic development in Australia the options put forward in the discussion paper appear to generate more anxiety than … Continue reading

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Olympic Gold – To tax or not to tax

The ecstasy of gold abroad and the agony of tax at home is currently searing the American conscience, a great soap box opportunity, especially in the election year. The argument in favour of non taxing goes like this; winning at the Olympics is herculean and taxing the dedication and hard work is draconian. Nothing beats being fair at home and fearless abroad. There is now a Bill, “The Olympic Tax Elimination” before the House in the U.S see Romney’s Olympic … Continue reading

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FATCA – will it keep personal information private?

Fighting tax evasion is taken on increased importance in almost all countries, the lingering GFC offering no assistance. Transfer pricing, thin capitalization and offshore tax havens viagra canadian pharmacy are the most popular areas where there is increased scrutiny. In Australia, a Bill to amend the transfer pricing laws in Australia is almost near completion and when finalised will even affect transactions entered into as far back as 2004. In the midst of this is a US Act, Foreign Account Tax … Continue reading

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